Morgan Peyton is a Beauty & Lifestlye photographer and photo retoucher with a focus in advertising and exploration.  Her moment of self-discovery came while working at an art gallery in her hometown in Ohio where she sold her first art piece at the gallery’s annual art auction. This inspired her relocation to Los Angeles in pursuit of furthering her education in photography.

While receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree in photography, Morgan found that her enthusiasm for raising awareness towards social and environmental issues in her personal life coincided with her passion for the arts. 

Women’s social injustices along with the negative effect humans have on the environment lay at the forefront of her art. Her aspiration is to raise awareness of these issues through her artwork.

The primary way she exhibits these social and environmental issues are through the exploration of various female forms in conjunction with natural elements of Earth. The images subtlety hint the message she is conveying to her audience, yet are highly impactful.